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February 22, 2007 Edition   •   Volume 137, No. 7   •   Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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The Catholic Herald is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Madison. Its purpose is to inform and educate people of the Diocese through communications that proclaim Gospel values, report the news, and comment on issues as they pertain to the mission of the Catholic Church, which is to bring all in Jesus Christ to the Father.
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Breaking News ...

Rite of Election cancelled

-- Posted: 2/25/2007, 9:46 a.m. Central Time

Because of the inclement weather and the unsafe driving conditions, the Diocese of Madison's celebration of the Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 25, at 3 p.m. at St. Albert the Great Church in Sun Prairie has been cancelled.

The diocese encourages people to spend the time that they would have spent at the liturgy reflecting on the call of Christ in their own life. People may also wish to reflect on the Biblical readings from the liturgy (Ezekiel 36:23-28, Psalm 103, and John 15:9-17).

The diocese will contact pastors and RCIA directors as soon as possible to discuss contingency plans.

For other parish event or Mass cancellations in the diocese, check with local media listings or call the parish.

Charting the future:
Bishop meets with catechetical leaders

MADISON -- You know you're in a room of catechetical leaders and priests when everyone knows the "Angelus" by heart.

Audio of Bishop Robert C. Morlino's talk to catechetical leaders can be heard on the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis Web site,

But with the process begun February 16 at the Bishop O'Connor Center, the hope is that knowledge - and the rest of the tenets and prayers of the Catholic faith - as well as the joy of finding Jesus Christ may be more easily and fully brought to Catholics young and old throughout the Diocese of Madison.

During a two-hour talk and question-and-answer session, Bishop Robert C. Morlino and catechetical leaders from around the diocese began a discussion on the process by which catechesis can be improved. Attending the event were priests, school principals, parish directors and coordinators of religious education, and youth ministers.

Full story ...

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Special Section: Junior Saints

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Celebrate Catholic Schools Week

Pope's Lenten message:
Focuses on relationship with God


• Question Corner
by Fr. John Dietzen --
Questions: Masses for the dead; legend of Popess Joan

• The Pope Speaks
by Pope Benedict XVI --
Women: Played an important role
in spreading the good news

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Diocesan Services Appeal: Uniting our efforts in 2007

During recent months, the overall unity of our diocese has taken on new meaning. Each parish within our 11 counties has become consciously involved in the planning process and is experiencing a greater awareness of the full diocesan church.

Our Diocesan Services Appeal (DSA) is an example of the impact an organized and cohesive effort can provide. The DSA provides the funding for many of the ministries that unite our parishes through Church teaching and supports services no individual parish could offer solely on their own. The Diocese also provides for direct assistance to those in need through various outreach ministries.

Each year parishioners are called to prayerfully consider what help they can offer in supporting their parishes through the diocese. "God is Love," taken from the encyclical letter of Pope Benedict XVI, highlights the appeal's aim of asking each of us to consider our role as disciples.   Full story ...

Guided by the Spirit:
Planning process questions/answers

We will bring our Guided by the Spirit Q & A columns to a close this week with answers to those questions that relate to or seem to depend upon the planning process.

It is not uncommon for the solution to interweave with the problem, especially problems that are complex like Guided by the Spirit. This can cause people to focus on one or more secondary issues, distracting them from the end goals. Let's keep in mind Bishop Morlino's goals for Guided by the Spirit. As usual, I will give my usual disclaimer about the answers to the following questions being my best thinking, but it is my hope that the Q & A gives you some planning process "food for thought."

Would this problem be solved with more deacons or more involvement by lay people?

Generally speaking, yes. The key point is: the right kind of involvement. Each of us is called to fulfill the vocation or role that God has asked of us. As a lay person, I am called to change the world, not rule or change the church. Many people struggle with this idea in our democratic and increasingly secular society.   Full story ...

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