St. John’s buries the ‘Alleluia’ Print
Written by Margie Schels, For the Catholic Herald   
Thursday, Mar. 19, 2020 -- 12:00 AM

Jefferson Burying the Alleuia
Students at St. John the Baptist School in Jefferson show the Alleluia banners they created. (Contributed photo)

JEFFERSON -- Students and staff at St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Jefferson have begun their Lenten journey to "Follow Me, the Lord".

The school community has committed to walking with Jesus in daily prayer and reflection. On Thursday, Feb. 27, Coordinator of Religious Education Jodi El-Beri guided the students and staff through a prayer service to "bury the Alleluia" in preparation for Easter.

Students first gathered in their multi-age family groups to discuss the significance of Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season. As they shared their understandings, students were asked to design the letters forming the word "Alleluia" with images and words relative to Lent and the journey to the Lord's Resurrection.

It was emphasized that, as Catholics, we do not say or sing the word "Alleluia" during Lent as we prepare for sharing in the glorious Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. On that day, we can once again joyfully proclaim "Alleluia" at His promise of rising again.

When students completed their banners, they gathered in church to hear "Miss Jodi" explain her own faith experiences in growing closer to Christ by spending time in His holy place, the church.

El-Beri emphasized how blessed the students are to attend a school where they have so many opportunities to be with Jesus in communal and private prayer.

Following her special lesson, students were then asked to bring forward their "Alleluia" banners to "bury" for Lent. Multi-age group leaders stood by containers placed in front of the altar and invited students to place their "Alleluias" in the containers and cover them with a scoop of rice.

As this was being done, music teacher, Tiffany Helt, led the group in singing "Jesus, Remember Me".

Once all containers were filled, group leaders closed them and reverently placed them in a special box that is in the sanctuary as a reminder to all of the many sacrifices and good deeds being offered during this time of preparation for Easter.

After Easter Sunday, the "Alleluia" banners will be hung in the church.

Margie Schels is the eighth grade teacher at St. Jon the Baptist School in Jefferson.


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