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Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019 -- 12:00 AM

mobile clinic
Care Net Pregnancy Center in Madison will launch its new mobile clinic this year. It will offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasound services directly to women in need. (Contributed photo)

MADISON -- Imagine this: You’re a young woman who thinks you might be pregnant. You’re scared and alone and not sure where to turn for help.

And then you see it, right in your neighborhood: a mobile medical clinic that offers free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

New mobile clinic

Sometime later this year, this scenario will be a reality for women throughout Dane County and beyond when Care Net Pregnancy Center launches its new mobile clinic.

Care Net recently commissioned a 40-foot, state-of-the-art mobile medical clinic that will bring pregnancy testing and ultrasound directly to women in need.

The clinic will feature waiting, exam, and consult rooms as well as a restroom and laboratory. This new resource will make it possible for women throughout the community to access no-cost, confidential services from accredited medical professionals, right in their own neighborhoods.

Modeled after Jesus

Why a mobile clinic?

Care Net’s CEO, Liz Osborn, said, “Our decision to go mobile is modeled after Jesus in John 4:4. Jesus purposely interacts with the Samaritan women where she was living out her daily life — He goes to her.

“We are called to go directly to women and men as they face an unintended pregnancy and their baby’s life hangs in the balance. We want to reach them before they make a life or death decision and show them they have alternatives and support.”

The mobile clinic will remove a critical barrier by bringing resources directly to communities throughout Dane County. “Transportation is a huge issue for many of our clients, and a mobile clinic will dramatically expand our outreach,” said Sara Patterson, advancement director at Care Net.

“It’s exciting to think how many lives will be saved, and how many women and men who will be spared from the heartache of abortion, thanks to the message of life that the clinic will bring.”

Funding for vehicle

Funding for the vehicle has been generously provided by a variety of individuals and organizations, including the Catholic Diocese of Madison.

To learn more, visit or contact Care Net directly and ask for Sara at 608-259-1606.


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