Bishop Morlino releases statement on immigration Print
Bishop Morlino's Letter
Thursday, Jun. 28, 2018 -- 12:00 AM

The following is a statement of Bishop Robert Morlino with regard to the U.S. Immigration debate, as of June 25, 2018:

1) I know of no one who, in his or her heart, favors separating children from parents, and the Church has consistently spoken out against every measure that would do so. Similar problematic immigration elements have been present in U.S. policy for at least the last four administrations, and the U.S. bishops have spoken clearly on the need for comprehensive immigration reform. The Church does not play politics with children, parents, and the reasonable sovereignty of the family, and we find the political practice, past and present, intolerable;

2) In the current immigration conflict, politics and morality have become fused and confused. Morality (and everything else) has been politicized. As such, the moral principles the Church sets out (and which are clearly available to any who have an authentic desire to know them, and which I have laid out in a number of forums previously) with regard to the rights of nations, of individuals, and of families, have become mere weapons by some for attacking one's political opponents, rather than guideposts for directing civil discourse and the creation of policy. Some Catholic Democrats are more Democrats than Catholics. Some Catholic Republicans are more Republicans than Catholics;

3) The current application of Catholic principles in this sphere is the mission of well-formed Catholic laypeople, of whom there are some in Congress and the Administration. We would do well to pray for wisdom and fortitude for them and for all people of good will, who actually desire to accomplish something good;

4) The current "dialogue" has become irrational, hysterical, and hateful, and I choose to say nothing further in this current context, since it may well be used to stir up further contention and be counterproductive to the legitimate political process that must ensue. I earnestly hope that we will see a respectful and civil discourse on an important moral issue that results in a balanced public policy respecting both the inherent dignity of the human person and the legitimate protection of the common good.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!