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August 24, 2006 Edition   •   Volume 136, No. 30   •   Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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The Catholic Herald is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Madison. Its purpose is to inform and educate people of the Diocese through communications that proclaim Gospel values, report the news, and comment on issues as they pertain to the mission of the Catholic Church, which is to bring all in Jesus Christ to the Father.
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Pro-life vigil: Praying for an end to abortion

photo of pro-life prayer vigil outside Planned Parenthood Clinic off Stoughton Rd. in Madison

Ralph Lang, a parishioner at St. John Parish, Marshfield, in the Diocese of La Crosse, holds a sign protesting abortion as Bishop Robert C. Morlino prays the rosary with a group gathered outside the Planned Parenthood Clinic off Stoughton Rd. in Madison. (Catholic Herald photo by Kathleen Bushman)

MADISON -- It wasn't always a large group, but they prayed together for an end to abortion in front of the Planned Parenthood Clinic off Stoughton Rd.

People from local parishes, several high school students, and seminarians all joined together for a pro-life vigil August 10 and 11. Bishop Robert C. Morlino stopped by the Planned Parenthood Clinic to pray the rosary and talk briefly with the group.

The vigil took place both at the clinic as well as at St. Peter Church in Madison, where many spent time in Eucharistic Adoration, praying for an end to abortion.

The vigil was joined in the evening by a group that walked five miles between Holy Redeemer Church in Madison and the Planned Parenthood Clinic.

The walkers carried the Divino Nino, a crucifix, and an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as well as a sign protesting abortion as they walked along E. Washington Ave. to bring further awareness to the cause.   Full story ...

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Special Section: Catholic Marriage

Training camp: Theory and application for campus ministry

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Discusses Middle East, morality

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Offers housing, hope


• Question Corner
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Questions: Children in a marriage;
Prayers of the Faithful

• The Pope Speaks
by Pope Benedict XVI --
Assumption: Eternal life reminder

• Your Family
by Monica and Bill Dodds --
Singing: The back to school blues

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Knights of Divine Mercy:
Calling men to be 'spiritual warriors'

MADISON -- Sound the trumpet! Rouse the warriors!

As C. S. Lewis said, the world is "enemy-occupied territory" and God is calling on men to be "conquering warriors" in a spiritual battle.

That is why Fr. Rick Heilman has established the Knights of Divine Mercy, a new movement that is sponsoring the first Madison-area conference for Catholic men.

Masculine spirituality

The Knights are "calling all Catholic men to explore the meaning of masculine spirituality, heroic virtues, and how to become spiritual warriors," said Father Heilman. He is pastor of St. Mary Parish, Pine Bluff, and St. Ignatius Parish, Mt. Horeb.

The inaugural event on Friday, Sept. 29 (the feast of St. Michael the Archangel), will be held at the Bishop O'Connor Catholic Pastoral Center in Madison. It will feature Fr. Thomas Loya, often heard on Relevant Radio. It will begin with a Mass at 7 p.m. followed by a tailgate-style dinner and Father Loya's talk.   Full story ...

College students: Help in Gulf Coast recovery

Diocese of Madison parishioners contribute over $600,000

In the past year, parishioners in the Diocese of Madison have sent in over $633,985 for victims of Hurricane Katrina and the Stoughton tornado, according to Greg Keller, diocesan finance director.

This total does not include funds that parishes and individuals forwarded directly to the stricken areas, said Keller.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has authorized a special collection for the victims of Hurricane Katrina the weekend of August 26 and 27.

Bishop Robert C. Morlino has decided to leave the decision to take up another special collection to the individual parishes.

Some wanted to go to help people in need. Some wanted a different spring break experience than that of their peers. Others just wanted to see it for themselves.

The reasons were many, and the impact just as varied.

The devastation that Hurricane Katrina wrought on the Gulf Coast last August was in a word, overwhelming, for the Marquette University students participating in the Marquette Action Program (M.A.P.) from March 11 to 18.

Action Program

The Marquette Action Program (M.A.P.) has offered Marquette students the opportunity to work in cooperation with various service organizations across the country since 1977. These trips are facilitated by students and they travel to their host sites by van to live and work in these communities.   Full story ...

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