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There will be no Catholic Herald issue published on July 13, 2006. The next issue will be July 20, 2006.
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July 6, 2006 Edition   •   Volume 136, No. 25   •   Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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The Catholic Herald is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Madison. Its purpose is to inform and educate people of the Diocese through communications that proclaim Gospel values, report the news, and comment on issues as they pertain to the mission of the Catholic Church, which is to bring all in Jesus Christ to the Father.
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photo of Ben Kessler, Greg Ihm and David Carrano -- three seminarians from Diocese of Madison who will be studying for the priesthood in Rome

Three seminarians from the Diocese of Madison are leaving in July to study for the priesthood in Rome. They are, from left: Ben Kessler from St. John Vianney Parish in Janesville; Greg Ihm, from St. Clement Parish in Lancaster; and David Carrano, from St. Ann Parish in Stoughton. The three friends recently graduated from college, Kessler and Carrano from St. John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., and Ihm from Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Winona, Minn. (Catholic Herald photo by Kathleen Bushman)

Vocation director wishes them well

Fr. Jim Bartylla, vocation director for the Diocese of Madison, commented on the three seminarians going to Rome.

"As a seminarian, I had the great privilege of studying in Rome from 1998 to 2001 at the Pontifical North American College. Many of our readers are probably familiar with the many benefits and blessings of studying in Rome: seeing the Holy Father, visiting the sites and Churches of Rome and Europe, engaging a new culture, and even enjoying wonderful Italian cuisine.   Full story ...

Three seminarians:
Looking forward to study
in Rome

MADISON -- In July, three seminarians from the Diocese of Madison will be embarking on an exciting - and challenging - adventure.

They will begin four years of study for the priesthood in Rome after completing two months of Italian language studies and orientation.

The three seminarians - David Carrano, Greg Ihm, and Ben Kessler - are recent college graduates and good friends. Carrano and Kessler graduated from St. John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., this spring, while Ihm completed his college studies at Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Winona, Minn.

In an interview at the recent summer seminarian gathering held at the Bishop O'Connor Catholic Pastoral Center in Madison, the three discussed their feelings about going to Rome.

Bishop talks with them

They noted that last year, Bishop Robert C. Morlino had asked each of them individually about the possibility of studying in Rome.

Ihm said, "Bishop Morlino asked me to consider it about a year ago. I thought about it a little bit and said yes." Carrano, too, agreed to study in Rome after being invited by the bishop.

Kessler said he was considering going on to the seminary or pursuing graduate school in business and philosophy. "The bishop and I sat down and talked. He said the best place to find out if you have a vocation is in the seminary. He said, 'I'd like you to go to Rome.'

"It took me until last August to make a decision," said Kessler. "Prior to football camp I said yes. I said yes because the best place to discern (a vocation) is in the seminary."   Full story ...

Fr. Michael Doro dies (posted 6/30/06)

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Relay for Life: Diocesan staff support community efforts

Catholic Woman's Club: Recognizes Alice Keyes Seelow

Families, pro-family advocates:
Await pope's Spain visit

Stem-cell research: Those involved can face excommunication

Monstrance for vocations:
Visits Diocese of Madison


• The Pope Speaks
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St. James: Apostle, epistle writer, and 'column' of the church

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Catholic women told:
'We are pilgrims on a journey'

LODI -- In his keynote address at the recent Madison Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (MDCCW) convention here, Auxiliary Bishop Robert Morneau of the Green Bay Diocese spoke on "Our Human Journey - Sowing and Reaping - What's It all About."

He stated, "We are pilgrims on a journey; we are to help one another and walk the mile."

He asked what are the most important questions in life? Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there?

He explained that many people find life meaningless. Philosophers have wrestled with these questions for centuries.

Whose am I?

He stressed that it is not just who am I but whose am I? "To whom do we give ourselves? Is it money, power; who has possession of me? The main thing is to know the main thing and to keep the main thing the main thing. It is not money in the bank; not a big house, but relationships. What is the priority in our lives?   Full story ...

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