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The Catholic Herald: Official Newspaper of the Diocese of Madison

July 22, 2004 Edition   •   Volume 134, No. 27   •   Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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The Catholic Herald is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Madison. Its purpose is to inform and educate people of the Diocese through communications that proclaim Gospel values, report the news, and comment on issues as they pertain to the mission of the Catholic Church, which is to bring all in Jesus Christ to the Father.
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photo of Bishop Morlino and 14 people newly certified for lay ministry in Diocese of Madison

left arrow  Fourteen people received certificates from Bishop Robert C. Morlino certifying them for lay ministry in the Diocese of Madison at a Mass July 11 at St. Raphael Cathedral in Madison. (Catholic Herald photo by Abigail Henderson)

Diocesan Institute:
Lay people receive Certification for Ministry

MADISON -- Fourteen lay people celebrated their "graduation" from the first Diocesan Institute for Lay and Diaconate Formation on Sunday, July 11, at St. Raphael Cathedral.

Bishop Robert C. Morlino presented each of them with certificates certifying them for lay ministry in the Diocese of Madison.

They include: Jacqueline Childs, Patricia Clark, Robert Clark, Marilouise Durkin, Patricia Hendrickson, Connie Hultman, M. Susan Hundt-Bergan, Jean Jozefowicz, Annette Kiesow, Mary Ann Lukesic, Catherine Schneider, Kathy Siberz, Jerrilyn Sutter, and Sharon Zimmerman.

Certified in lay ministry

These 14 people studied alongside the 20 men who will be ordained to the permanent diaconate on Friday, July 23.   Full story ...

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News & Features:

Vatican posts deficits:
More than $22 million for 2003

Catholic Daughters:
Cuba City court marks 100 years

Oregon parish: Celebrates 20th anniversary with sister parish

Special section: Retirement Living


• Looking Around
by Fr. William J. Byron --
Catholics: In election year

• Making a Difference
by Tony Magliano --
Connecting dots: In social teaching

• The Human Side
by Fr. Eugene Hemrick --
Signs of the times:
Read, react, and look forward

• Question Corner
by Fr. John Dietzen --
Unbaptized children:
Are those who die united with God?

• Your Family
by Monica and Bill Dodds --
Using gift of imagination:
To fulfill dreams

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Diocesan Institute for Lay and Diaconate Formation: Involved four years of study, prayer, community

MADISON -- The members of the Diocesan Institute for Lay and Diaconate Formation have grown together through their studies, their common prayer, and through a vibrant community.

Twenty deacons:
To be ordained July 23

MADISON -- Twenty men who completed the Diocesan Institute for Lay and Diaconate Formation will be ordained to the permanent diaconate on Friday, July 23, at St. Raphael Cathedral.

The 7 p.m. ordination will be a first in the Diocese of Madison.

Full story ...

They truly grew into a spiritual family, sharing joys and concerns, progress and frustrations, supporting one another and challenging each other to grow in conformity to Christ.

Formation program

The Diocesan Institute has met 11 weekends a year for four years including four weekend retreats. The formation program included not only academic studies but also helps the whole person to grow.   Full story ...

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