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There will be no Catholic Herald issue published on July 8, 2004. The next issue will be July 15, 2004.
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July 1, 2004 Edition   •   Volume 134, No. 25   •   Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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The Catholic Herald
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The Catholic Herald is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Madison. Its purpose is to inform and educate people of the Diocese through communications that proclaim Gospel values, report the news, and comment on issues as they pertain to the mission of the Catholic Church, which is to bring all in Jesus Christ to the Father.
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Hmong refugees:
Madison area prepares to meet needs

MADISON -- Thailand is closing a Hmong refugee settlement for 15,000 people and as a result the refugees will begin to settle in the United States this summer.

An estimated 200 to 300 refugees may settle in the Madison area. Thirty-two families - 194 refugees - will begin arriving at the end of July and the beginning of August. They will continue arriving through December, according to Mary Sobota, social worker for Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Madison, which is assisting the new refugees.

When the refugees arrive, they will need language training, job placement, help with housing, food, mental health services, and medical care.   Full story ...

St. Coletta of Wisconsin celebrates 100 years of believing in people

St. Coletta of Wisconsin logo
St. Coletta centennial celebration

September 10, 2004 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of St. Coletta of Wisconsin. This is the first in a monthly series commemorating the advocacy and advancements the organization has made and continues to make in the field of working with persons who are developmentally disabled. View a calendar of centennial events at

St. Coletta mission statement

"Inspired by the Franciscan Values of caring and respect, together we guide individuals with developmental and other challenges to achieve their highest quality of life, personal growth and spiritual awareness."

JEFFERSON -- In 1904, providing routine custodial care for persons with developmental disabilities - or rather for persons often referred to as "slow" or "backward" - was the prevailing service model of the day.

Disability was a mystery to both the general public and to the medical profession. The philosophy of the time was that people with disabilities could not learn or have productive lives and that they needed to be hidden away from society.

Seeking Catholic school

It was against this backdrop that the family of a girl who was mentally retarded found themselves looking for a Catholic school that could provide for the unique needs of their daughter.

At the time there were a few state institutions but nothing that provided a faith-based educational environment focused on achievement.

They approached a priest with their predicament. He consulted with the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi of Milwaukee, who were known for their educational initiatives.   Full story ...

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News & Features:

Reagan's death:
Stirs debate over human embryonic stem-cell research

Iraq power transfer:
Hailed by Vatican official

Special section: Global Solidarity Partnership Program


• Guest Column
by Douglas W. Kmiec --
Court and the pledge:
Think twice about filing another suit

• The Pope Speaks
by Pope John Paul II --
Canticle: Hymn of adoration
and praise to God

• Your Family
by Monica and Bill Dodds --
Learning to pray: As a family

• Coming of Age
by Kase Johnstun --
Balance is important: Don't ditch friends, family for someone else

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Campus missionaries:
Aim to build leaders
for Catholic Church

MADISON -- Two by two they come - from as far west as New Mexico and as far east as New Jersey.

As recent college graduates themselves, they come to college campuses to establish a Catholic presence there or to work with the existing campus ministry.

They go where they are needed, with one goal in mind: to build leaders for the Catholic Church.   Full story ...

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