St. Peter School holds trivia bee Print
Written by Kevin Wondrash, Catholic Herald Staff   
Thursday, Mar. 14, 2019 -- 12:00 AM

St. Peter, Ashton, trivia bee
Students from St. Peter School in Ashton get ready to hit their buzzers and answer questions during the school’s recent Catholic trivia bee. (Catholic Herald photo/Kevin Wondrash)

ASHTON -- After a few-weeks' delay due to this winter's record snow and cold, St. Peter School in Ashton held its Catholic trivia bee on March 1, as part of the school's belated Catholic Schools Week activities.

Students in grades 3K to five were divided up into their four spirit groups, each with their own saint and color: St. Clare -- violet, St. Francis -- green, St. Peter -- red, and St. Paul -- white.

Each team, with its own designed and created banner, marched down the school hallway while reciting their team chants en route to the competition.

Competing with zeal

Fr. Chris Gernetzke, pastor of St. Peter Parish, kicked off the event with a "swearing in" on the Code of Canon Law with representatives from each team.

The students promised to "compete with zeal" and follow all the rules.

Father Gernetzke also served as the judge once the competition got underway.

There were seven categories of questions, looking like a game on Jeopardy!: Church history, saints, sacraments, creed, hodge podge, Bible, and St. Peter School.

There was a question for each grade under each category.

At their turn, members of each grade came up to the front and stood behind their team's buzzer.

They were asked a question, told to buzz in when they knew the answer, and then had 15 seconds to discuss it with the rest of their team.

Some of the questions included: What are the Holy Days of Obligation? Who is in charge of the Catholic Church? Name three of the sacraments, and when is morning prayer time at St. Peter School?

Once all the scores were tallied up, the green team -- St. Francis -- was the winner.