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Seeing with Jesus' Eyes

Adam Hamilton tells a story about a camping trip he took with his two young daughters. The trip coincided with his birthday.

He explained to his two daughters that each could have 20 dollars each to spend during the three days they were camping there. The two girls were so excited that they practically dragged their dad to the gift shop just outside the camp.

Finding heaven on earth this summer Print E-mail
Everyday Faith
Written by Julianne Nornberg   
Thursday, Jun. 14, 2018 -- 12:00 AM

Everyday Faith column by Julianne Nornberg

Children's laughter fills the air as dusk creeps gently over our backyard. Firelight flickers in the firepit, embers smoldering, perfect for roasting marshmallows.

Soft night sounds and fireflies spring up from the grass around us, and a cool breeze bathes our foreheads.

Truly this is a glimpse of heaven, I think, as I breathe out a deep sigh of contentment and thank God for the moment. What could be better than this?

Sisters show Americans how to promote religious liberty Print E-mail
Guest column
Sr. Constance Veit, LSP

The Fortnight for Freedom, which we’ve been celebrating each year at the end of June and beginning of July, has recently been reconfigured. Beginning this year, Religious Freedom Week is to be held annually June 22-29. The observance is a bit shorter, but no less important. This year’s theme is Serving Others in God’s Love.