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Driving through the night — A faithful co-worker of the Lord Print
From the Diocesan Administrator
Written by Msgr. James Bartylla   
Thursday, Apr. 18, 2019 -- 12:00 AM

Following is a homily given by Msgr. James Bartylla, diocesan administrator, for the fifth Sunday of Lent.

The Gospel account of the woman caught in the sin of adultery is one of our favorite Gospel passages -- one of the passages most people remember best.

It has the drama of Our Lord Jesus Christ turning the tide of retribution of the scribes and Pharisees by pricking their consciences, and then tenderly forgiving the adulterous woman.

Easter faith reveals flowers of hope Print
Seeing with Jesus' Eyes

A boy returned from catechism class, where he learned about Jesus’ Resurrection. During his walk home, he stopped at a religious goods store to study a crucifix in the window.

An elderly man joined him. He seemed confused by the crucifix.

How to boldly go forth and make disciples Print
Guest column
Written by Brandon Vogt   
Thursday, Apr. 18, 2019 -- 12:00 AM
Brandon Vogt

Most parishes wish they were better at evangelizing and making disciples. They wish they could help parishioners become more ardent, committed followers of Christ who are excited to share their faith with others.

But how do we get there? Marcel LeJeune, president and founder of Catholic Missionary Disciples, has been dedicated to the task for many years.

In this interview from Word on Fire, Brandon Vogt sits down with Marcel to chat about how parishes can become disciple-making factories.