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Unexpected homeschooling during COVID-19 Print
Guest column
Thursday, Apr. 02, 2020 -- 12:00 AM

Meg Matenaer

I am a homeschooling dropout. Seven years ago when my oldest was five, we decided that we would homeschool her.

Eight weeks later when the reality was so depressingly different from the ideal I had painted in my mind, she was enrolled in an amazing Catholic school and we’ve never looked back.

Until yesterday.

After it was clear that there would be an imminent shutdown of the schools in Madison, our heroic teachers and principals in only a matter of days mobilized, creating systems to keep learning going at home.

They sent home computers, devised ways to stream lectures and collect homework, spent hours photocopying and recording videos, and packed up the students’ belongings, distributing them at assigned times to parents in the parking lot.

Lenten quarantine: on fasting and gratitude Print
Everyday Faith
Written by Julianne Nornberg   
Thursday, Apr. 02, 2020 -- 12:00 AM

Sometimes God must drive us to our knees before we look up to Him, helpless as small children.

It was several days since the worldwide coronavirus pandemic had been announced.

Schools had closed and we were dutifully isolating our whole family in our home.

Dealing with fear

Slowly fear crept in for our vulnerable loved ones as we read about the daily news of the spreading virus.

The Annunciation is a very important feast Print
Seeing with Jesus' Eyes
Thursday, Mar. 26, 2020 -- 12:00 AM

We celebrate the feast of the Annunciation on March 25. The American Catholic Church will probably never add another Holy Day of Obligation in my life time, but if it does, it could add the feast of the Annunciation.

On this feast day, we celebrate the good news that Mary conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.

It certainly is a holy day, but presently not of obligation.