Diocese announces second credible allegation against Rev. Patrick Doherty Print
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Friday, Mar. 13, 2020 -- 12:00 AM

Statement from the Diocese of Madison:

MADISON -- Having reviewed the findings of a preliminary investigation and received the input of the Diocesan Sexual Abuse Review Board, Bishop Donald Hying has determined that a second allegation of sexual abuse brought against Rev. Patrick Doherty has the semblance of truth. This determination follows upon an initial credible finding on another allegation, which was announced this January 17.

The individual making the present allegation came forward following the January announcement and the addition of Rev. Doherty's name to the list of those priests (or former priests) determined to have been credibly accused of acts of sexual abuse against minors. His allegation dates from the time that Rev. Doherty was pastor in Boscobel, WI, some 45 years ago.

In January, Bishop Hying reinforced previously-applied restrictions on Rev. Doherty, who is not to present himself for ministry as a priest. Rev. Doherty had already been without the faculties to function as a priest since 1993, owing to publically-known struggles with alcoholism and reported disreputable behaviors with adult men.

Bishop Hying has also forwarded the case to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome for review and direction on further action.

As always, any allegation of sexual misconduct should be brought to the attention of law enforcement officials. If allegations involve priests, deacons, or other Church personnel, regardless of when they are said to have occurred, they should also be reported to the Diocese of Madison, by way of the Sexual Misconduct Question and Reporting Line, 608-821-3162. The diocesan policies regarding sexual abuse allegations, and instructions for making a report of sexual misconduct, are available on the diocesan website:

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